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Facts about AIDS in Kenya in 2015 (UNAIDS Gap Report 2016):

     1.5     million people living with HIV
     5.9%     adult HIV prevalence
     78,000     new HIV infections
     36,000     AIDS-related deaths
     59%    adults on retroviral treatment

Upendo Village provides numerous programs, all designed to be help bring life and hope to Kenyans living with HIV and AIDS. 

Basic Health Care
Upendo Village's clinic addresses client's urgent medical needs, including onsite medical care that provides nursing care, lab work, and access to prescription drugs and antiretroviral medications, and nursing care - treatment of opportunistic infections, skin rashes, malaria and other complications related to AIDS. Clients receive onsite care for urgent medical needs and referrals as indicated.

Home Based Care (HBC)
Upendo Village provides in home basic medical care, counseling, nutritional supplementation and medicine for opportunistic illnesses to our clients suffering from HIV/AIDS. Families and caregivers are included for healing and healthy attitudes and living for the whole family. Most clients are between the ages of 15-49. Upendo Village also trains volunteers (some of whom are former clients) as community healthcare workers to compliment our small full-time staff.

Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT)
Program-Offers counseling and HIV testing to people, who want to be know their status. This is an important component for prevention as well as early treatment intervention and for encouraging others to take advantage of voluntary counseling and testing.