Upendo Village: Kenyans Helping Kenyans Living with HIV/AIDS
Life and hope for Kenyans living with HIV and AIDS

"This Is Our Moment" Capital Campaign


The Capital Campaign is raising funds for a much needed kitchen and Social Services Center

Upendo Village is the only place in this area of Kenya where these impoverished people can receive support.  Clients are surrounded with loving care, and are given resources and access to programs that improve health, restore self-respect and give hope. Services include nutrition, medical care, support group meetings and income generating programs. The holistic model of services provided transforms lives from hopelessness to hope and stainability. 

The Capital Campaign is raising $1.5 million to support the building and modest furnishing of a kitchen and dining area and social services center.  A kitchen and dining area is desperately needed as cooking, hand washing and dish washing all take place outside, compromising hygiene for those already susceptible to disease and illness. A social services center is also necessary for staff to consult with clients in grief including children and women dealing with rape and sodomy.  These difficult discussions involve very sensitive conversations and should be confidential - private areas are greatly needed. 

This is Our Moment - right here, right NOW - to open our hearts and show that we care.  Donations to this fund are tax-deductible and will allow Upendo Village to save more lives by serving more clients. 

Right now, any donation of $100 - $500,000 will be matched by a generous donor! Donate now by clicking the donate button below. There are also naming opportunities, click here to view available options.