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New Water Bottling Project

As you may know, in 2008 Upendo Village in Kenya was donated a water well by the Rotary Club of Naperville that has the capability to clean, treat and dispense approximately 2400 gallons of water per hour.  This well also has two external tanks that stores around 12,700 gallons of the produced water. Upendo Village has been providing clean and treated water to thousands of people over the past five years. This resource is precious and scarce, especially to those living in rural areas in Kenya.  Oddly, our water supply is also under utilized by the general public. 

Upendo Village in Kenya has come up with a project that would not only market the resource to the surrounding areas, but also allow Upendo Village to help more people in need.  The seed money for this Water Bottling Project has been chosen to be funded by St. Raphael Church in Naperville, Illinois!

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